Export to Japan

FUHUA FOODS is a wholly foreign-owned company invested by Japanese company in China, and products exported to Japan are supplied to customers through the headquater office IKEDA TOHKA. The main export products are vegetable juices, dehydrated vegetables, frozen vegetables, soft canned drinks, etc., which are made from vegetables.

In order to meet the needs of Japanese customers, the company introduces advanced production equipment from Japan, the United States and china famous manufacturers, and uses Japan's advanced production technology and management experience to select raw material plant bases,cultivate, harvest inspect and processing, product transportation and other aspects to ensure the quality of the product.

In addition, in order to ensure that the export products comply with the relevant laws and regulations on food safety in Japan, FUHUA FOODS invested in the construction of pesticide residue analysis laboratory and general analytical laboratory, introduced advanced analytical instruments from Japan, etc., and use Japanese testing methods to ensure the raw materials and the products to meet the relevant requirements in Japan.