Export to the Europe Union

For the purpose of diversified development, Japanese headquarter IKEDA TOHKA decided to export the ginger products to Europe in order to open up new growth points of the company.

Anqiu city is the main place for growing ginger in China,in the year 2006,the ginger produced here was approved by the general administration of quality supervision inspection and quarantine as an Chinese geographical indicated protection product and was included in the European Union geographical indication products in 2016 .The ginger growed here in Anqiu city is famous for its bright yellow colour, regular shape,compact structure,rich in ginger flavor. Apart from much carbohydrates, proteins, multiple vitamins and  minerals, it also contains a lot of Gingerol, Vanillylacetone,shogaol and gingerose, etc. They have high valuation in both edible and medication side.

FUHUA FOODS has been supplying high quality ginger products for customers from abroad in a long period, main products include frozen ginger jam and raw ginger juice, etc. We had enough experience and strictly management at choosing plant base, cultivating, harvesting, materials checking, processing, shipment,etc.

We can do pesticide residue checking,physical & chemical analysis and microbial analysist,etc for both ginger material and products according to the inquirement of European maket.

In order to serve better for the European customers,we have already registered the brand CHEFRESH. Our mission is to provide the best quality products for the customers through our strict production management.

All the customers are welcome to call us for inquiries +86-536-4261111