Anqiu Fuhua Foods Co.,Ltd

Anqiu Fuhua Foods Co.,Ltd was invested and built in 1995 in Anqiu City, Shandong Province by the Japan Ikeda Tohka Group (a famous condiment manufacturer established in 1904,with more than 260 persons in Research & Development teams and a century-old reputation in the Japanese food industry). It is a Japanese-owned company. Mainly engaged in vegetable juice, dehydrated vegetables, frozen vegetables, soft canned drinks, seasonings (liquid, semi-solid, solid, flavoring oil), preparation of wine, solid beverages and food flavors and other products processing and sales.Our products have been exported to Japan and southeast  Asia and other countries.

Anqiu city where our company located is within the warm temperate humid monsoon region with mild climate, four distinct seasons, numerous rivers and the water is very clear. It locats at the alluvial plain where has fertile and loose soil, there is sufficient sunlight and simultaneous rain and heat  which is very suitable for the growth of ginger and accumulation of nutrients.  AnQiu produced ginger was approved by the general administration of quality supervision inspection and quarantine in 2006 as an Chinese geographical indicated protection product and  was included in the European Union geographical indication products in 2016.Based on the advantages of production area,AnQiu FuHua provides high quality ginger products for domestic and foreign customers in combination with our company technology.


In November 2015, our company launched the domestic sales of the new brand  which was called CHEFRESH, this CHEFRESH series is the product which  developed on the base of 110 years seasoning making history of Japanese headquarter.We have established cooperative relations with many famous Chinese food buyers and the domestic sales is increasing every year.

Our company has invested a lot to provide advanced food production and research development equipments, also the quality testing equipments. It adopts Japanese management methods and strict management according to ISO9001,HACCP,FSSC22000 and other standards,which can guarantee the quality of our products.

With the premise of meeting customer needs, with the goal of exceeding the customer expectations, on a mission to provide safe, truthworthy and healthy food,  Fuhua is actively promoting the development of human natural, delicious, healthy food industry. 

logos.pngCompany name: Anqiu Fuhua Foods CO.,Ltd

Establishment: June 1995.

Location: No.652, Wei'an Road,An Qiu City, Shandong province , China.

Registered capital:USD$ 6,400,000 ( total investment: USD $11,860,000 )

Company type: limited liability company(solely invested by a foreign legal person)

Business scope: production and sales of frozen vegetables,Dehydrated vegetables,vegetale juice,soft canned food and other canned food, seasoning (liquid,Semi-solid,solid,seasoning oil ),spices,essence(liquid and solid), apple, frozen apple; blending wine, beverages. Purchase, wholesale and import& export of all kinds of agricultural byproducts; detect of agriculture byproducts and consulting services; wholesale and retail of pre-packaged food.(If the above scope involves quotas and license operations, it shall be implemented in accordance with the scope approved by the license and relevant state regulations)(For projects subject to approval according to law, the business activities may be carried out after approval by the relevant departments and the valid period shall be subject to the permit).

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