CHEFRESH introduction


Our Japanese headquater is one of the best intermediate suppliers of food ingredients in Japan, it has hundred years history.During over 20years development in China, we have intruduced  high technology production equipment and at the same time we have brought up a larger number of excellent talented people who concern about the food and food processing. In order to undertake the centry-old artisan of our Japanese headquarter in food development and production  and to creat a new era of Chinese food culture, we developed the brand CHEFRESH which mainly for the Chinese domestic market. Relying on  the strong research & development team of Japanese headquater with a history of 100 years,we used variety of high quality ingredients that have been carefully selected to provide a wide range of high quality products for domestic customers under the guarantee of japanese production technology and production management. After only a few years of development, the CHEFRESH brand has developed four series of products such as desserts and beverages series, salad dressing series, sauce series and soft canned packaging series. We mainly supply for the  food development and processing enterprises, food and beverage stores, bakery shops,etc.

In order to let the domestic customers know better about the CHEFRESH brand,provide better services for all the CHEFRESH customers, in addition  to the shandong head office,we also set up a branch office in ShangHai and opened a flgship tore in Alibaba. 


Rich in production, stable in flavour.

We are not only provide seasoning production.

We select natrual food materials, processing with  high technology.

Developed a wealth of food products.

We have advanced food process technology.

Because of regorous quality control,the CHEFRESH  guarantee the stablized professional flavor, 

so this brand products has become a must-have products you can buy with peace of mind. 

Brand conception

Undertake the centry-old craftsmanship

Creation a new era of Chinese food culture.

Mission of the brand

Safety and security, health assurance.

craftsmanship ingenuity and reliability.

Delicious through Japanese technology.