Focusing on Baking Ecosystem, Anqiu Fuhua Appeared in 2021 Bakery China

2021-05-08 ANQIU FUHUA FOODS CO.,LTD 阅读 55


  On April 30, 2021, the 23rd China International Bakery Exhibition, which lasted for 4 days, came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai. Fuhua was invited to attend the exhibition. The exhibition is unprecedented in scale, covering 17 exhibition halls and several outdoor exhibition halls of SNIEC. More than 2000 industrial chains from 30 countries and regions around the world, well-known and young exhibitors, and nearly 300,000 domestic and foreign buyers gathered together. After four days of exhibition, the participants get a better acquainted with Fuhua’s products face to face. Through the communication with the exhibitors, Fuhua knows more about the baking’s future and try our best to improve our hard power.


  IKEDA TOHKA, a Japanese century old brand, has rich experience in caramel sauce industry and is specialized in providing stable, safe and high-quality customized solutions for chain brands. IKEDA TOHKA invested in China in 1995. Over the past 20 years, IKEDA TOHKA has accumulated rich experience in production, processing and retail in China. Based on the confidence of Chinese market, a new business segment was officially opened in 2015, and created a new brand-CHEFRESH. Fuhua has always focused on the food service industry, using healthy raw materials to provide high-quality food for Chinese consumers. In this exhibition, Anqiu Fuhua launchs some new flavors of caramel sauce.


The butter flavor is more obvious in light roasting. With the unique flavor and slightly bitter flavor of roasted caramel sauce, it brings rich and multi-level flavor experience.




Toffee flavor caramel sauce has thicker color and stronger flavor than mellow caramel sauce when it is mixed with ice cream and single cream. and it is more cheaper than TOFFEE caramel sauce.and it is one hybrid caramel sauce with precise properties.



    In addition, Fuhua also sells Bitter Caramel Sauce, Salted Caramel Sauce, Pudding Caramel Cauce, Mellow Carame Milk Sauce, Spicy Caramel Sauce, Hazelnut Caramel Sauce, Ginger Caramel Sauce, Brown Sugar Sauce and so on. We have all the caramel sauce that you are looking for. Waiting your call 0086-400-026-3088.