The Company’s 20th Anniversary Celebration Barbecue Party

2019-09-25 ANQIU FUHUA FOODS CO.,LTD 阅读 137

In order to enrich the company's employees' spare time, promote communication among colleagues, enhance collective cohesion and team spirit, and create a healthy and uplifting atmosphere, as one of the company's 20th anniversary celebrations, Anqiu Fuhua Foods Co., Ltd. established its 20th anniversary barbecue party. It will be held as scheduled at 6:30 pm on August 1, 2015 in front of the office building. 

It rained heavily in the afternoon, which not only wiped out the heat of the day, but also washed the entire party site more clean and cool. 

A total of 22 wonderful programs were staged at the party, of which the recital We Seem to be Rich in that year brought by the new staff won the first prize. 

The simple language seems to tell everyone about his yesterday, not only touched everyone present, but also let everyone learn to be grateful to parents, company, and all the people, things that helped us.

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