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Technology equipment

Caltivation equipment

The technicians of the cultivation department strictly supervise and manage the crop variety selection,sowing application, pesticides spraying, daily management, harvesting to ensure the stable supply of high quality fresh raw materials.

receive order → caltivation plan → soil analysis → registration of planting base→ seeding,caltivation→ management of the plants → pesticides residue analysis→ harvest

Quality analysis

In order to guarantee the quality of the material to meet the requirements of products quality, our company has established pesticides residue analysis laboratory and general analysis laboratory (physical and chemical analysis, microbial analysis)

Pesticides residue analysis

Our company has invested over 10millions of Chinese Yuan to build the modern pesticides analysis laboratory, so that we can do the pesticides residue analysis for the raw materials and products to meet the inquirements of clients. The analysis equipment including LC/MS/MS,GC/MS/,etc. can do over 251 different pesticides residue analysis.The Japanese technical experts who worked in Japanese headquarter visit regularly to give instructions for the analysis procedure.


Vacuum concentrated rotary evaporator


GC/MSMS pesticides residue analysis equipment

Physical&chemical analysis and microbial analysis

We have introduced advanced analytical instruments such as salt analyzers, digital refractometers, vibrating densitometers for wines, stereo microscopes, and biological microscopes to conduct sensory physical & chemical and microbial analysis for the raw materials and products according to relevant standards. Physical and chemical analysis projects mainly include water, salt,protein, fat ash, absorbance and reducing sugar.





Manufacturing equipments

In order to produce high quality and safe products that meet customer requirements,our company has introduced raw material cleaning, crushing, foreign matter detection, spray drying, concentration, filtration, distillation extraction, dry baking, vacuum mixing, electromagnetic frying, flexible packaging filling, sterilization. , pouch filling, bottled beverage filling / packaging and other equipments for production


"Spray dryer "

Spray dryer can spray the liquid material in a spray form with a special device and make it dry upon contacting with the hot air. It's used for drying sime heat-sensitive liquid, suspension liquid and viscous liquid. It has advantages of fast-drying, good uniformity, high mobility and solubility, purity and good quality, simplified production process.


Serial steam distillation device

Serial steam distillation device can form aroma under vacuum by a special technology, and move along the surface of thin liquid level to gather the volatile elements. Aroma is separated at the top of the cylinder and formed into aroma original liquid through compressing and contact with liquid. It can also separate and recycle aroma by steam flow to retain the natural flavor of ingredients and make up for this shortfall of ordinary skill in failure of remaining pure flavor.


Pre-mixed wine production equipment (filling, sterilization, packaging)

It is a CO2 bottle pre-mixed beverage production line that integrates bottle washing, filling, capping, sterilization and packaging.


UHT sterilizer

"UHT sterilizer Use ultra-high temperature to do instantaneous sterilization for the materials and products."


High-temperature and high-pressure sterilization pots

"High-temperature and high-pressure sterilization pots Using high-temperature and high-pressure to do sterilization for the flexible packaging products."


Concentration device

At low temperature under vacuum, it can evaporate the water, concentrat the fruit and vegetable juice at different concentration according to different needs